Security Consultants & Advisors

We offer and provide a fully comprehensive security advisory service to Corporations, Business’s, Executives and Private Persons who require a confidential independent approach to any security related circumstance or situation they may have within their company, business or private lives.

If you have a circumstance or situation that needs resolving, we may just have the solution. If we can’t help, we know someone who can.

Our services include, but are not limited to: –

·        Preventive Measures on Industrial Espionage 

·    Risk Assessment and Threat Analysis Evaluation ·  Anti-Stalking (Preventative Measures )

·   Crisis Management & Media Representation ·  Security Systems Assessments & Reports

·    De-Bugging Sweeps ·    Security Awareness Training ·  Covert Investigations

For every security related problem or negative situation in life there is always a positive remedy, a pro-active solution and a multi choice of options to take and consider.


For a totally confidential consultation contact Apex Executive

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Please note we have no vacancies for CQP Operatives at present or in the foreseeable future. Thank you