Executive House Sitting

We can provide suitable Home Office vetted staff to look after your home, property and/or premises, anywhere in the UK whilst you are away on holiday, business or at work, either on a 24hr residential basis or whatever hours you feel your property may be at risk and vulnerable to attracting criminals, squatters or trespassers.

Our Clientele mainly consists of Clients, who by the very publicised nature of their work and whereabouts i.e. T.V. / Media Personalities, Celebrities etc.. use this service as well as Business Executives and private individuals who leave their domiciles un-attended for noticeable periods of time whist working away from home.

In using our services this will greatly reduce the risk, giving the Client the peace of mind in the knowledge that their property and possessions are secure and well looked after in their absence.

Needless to say this service is approached with the utmost confidentiality by both our management and our staff. 

From the outset of any Client instructions our company and the individual employee assigned to House Sit will swear and sign an undertaking in the form of a Confidential Non-Disclosure Covenant at no extra cost to the Client.

Our services also include: –

Private Estate Patrols      Perimeter Patrolling and Access Control

   • Anti-Poaching Patrols      Key-Holding and Intermittent House Calls

       • Property Management     Domestic Security Advice and Consultancy   

Whatever your security needs and requirements are you can rely on our company to give you that added peace of mind while you are away. 

For a professional and fully confidential security service, contact Apex Executive on: –

e-mail: info@britsec.com

Please note we have no vacancies for CQP Operatives at present or in the foreseeable future. Thank you