If , as a Corporate Director, Legal Representative or a Private Person you wished to meet in camera with a third party for whatever legal purpose or reason, Apex Executive can, on your behalf arrange a suitable secure location anywhere in the UK  where you can conduct your meeting in absolute privacy. 

Prior to your meeting we can reconnoitre either a venue of your choice or make suitable recommendations for an alternative last minute venue, also our operatives can be present at your meeting or covertly in the vicinity.

If you are looking for or considering using a security company to look after your requirements in a professional, responsible and discreet manner, please do not hesitate to contact our head office in Northampton, England. In using our services you will not be disappointed with the results


For a totally confidential consultation contact APEX on: –


Please note we have no vacancies for CQP Operatives at present or in the foreseeable future. Thank you