Close Quarter Protection


Contrary to popular belief the image and demeanour of the Protection Officer or Bodyguard is not the one that is portrayed by Hollywood movies, where an Uzi toting, white vested individual with a special forces super hero background, is the ultimate deterrent and protector of life and moral values. On the contrary………

In our professional opinion Close Quarter Protection is about mutual trust, total commitment, absolute confidentiality and the professional ability and expertise to carry out the task or assignment without compromise to the well being of our Clients and their Business Affairs.

With this in mind we can provide Clients with two levels or choices of Close Quarter Protection. They are as follows-:

The Protection Officer (s)

The Protection Officers function is to provide a visible close escort type of security for Clients. They will travel and escort the Client when required to do so and remain in very close proximity to the Client, physically protecting them from any situations deemed harmful to their personal well being and evacuating the Client immediately to a safer environment until the situation is either resolved or neutralized. Situations warranting this action can range from media and press intrusion to any number of scenarios regarding attempts of physical and psychological harm directed at the Client by a third party.

For the VIP, Executive, Celebrity or any private individuals visiting or residing in the UK, whether for business or pleasure or both we can provide suitable Protection Officers, either on a one to one basis or with a fully supported 24hr protection team.

Depending on their requirements, the risk factors involved i.e. the reasons for them requiring Close Quarter Protection Security, we can assure Clients that they will be given a first class secure and safe service,

Carried out by Experienced, Professional and Loyal Protection Officers.

The Security Co-ordinator

The Security Co-ordinator (SCO) has a very different role to the Protection Officer. The SCO’s function is to take the physical burden of security away from the Client  ensuring that the Client arrives at their destination, venue and or meeting on time and with very little or no hassle.  

In short, the SCO’s primary function is take charge of the overall security of the Clients movements. The SCO will know the hotels the Client will use, the drivers and vehicles they will be using, the routes they will take and the venues they will be visiting as well as the restaurants they will be dining at, this because the SCO would have made these arrangements prior.

Our SCO’s have an unrivalled knowledge in their field and are very expedient at planning Clients movements in a secure, safe and cost effective manner.

Our knowledge of UK cities, in particular London is second to none and can make all the difference when forward planning on behalf of Clients.

We can provide this service to all Clients either separately or in conjunction with our Close Quarter Protection Service. Whatever their choice they can be assured of an Expedient, Professional, Safe and Highly Confidential service at all times.

If you are looking for or considering using a security company to look after your requirements in a professional, responsible and discreet manner, please do not hesitate to contact our head office in Northampton, England. In using our services you will not be disappointed with the results




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